Tools for Volunteers

ACTIVE provides tools to inspire AFS volunteers to make a change and inspire others!

ACTIVE Video for Volunteers

A video showing the link between AFS and active citizenship, providing tips on how to make this link visible to others and in our exchange programmes!


A series of videos where AFSers share how AFS has inspired them to be ACTIVE CITIZENS

ACTIVE Manual of Activities

A set of 10 activities split into before, during and after the exchange. The activities guide exchange participants to bring intercultural competences and change-making in their host- and home community. Within AFS activities, see the AFS Student Learning Journey Curriculum for more information on the educational goals of each phase of the exchange programme.

ACTIVE Webinars

A set of 3 webinars exploring active citizenship within AFS, the ACTIVE tools for volunteers, how AFSers can be visible changemakers in their communities.

ACTIVE Volunteer FB group

To exchange and share information among volunteers wanting to be ACTIVE!