Who we are



ACTIVE is a project conducted by EFIL, the European Federation for Intercultural learning, namely the umbrella of AFS organisations in Europe. The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe within a year-long workplan on ‘Citizenship Education: contributing to a more just and peaceful world’ which aims at giving attention to the topic within the AFS network and create a link between intercultural learning and active citizenship at all levels of society.


But wait, what is Active Citizenship?? It is about participating in civil society, community and/or political life, practicing mutual respect and non-violence and in accordance with the values of human rights, democracy and intercultural understanding.


ACTIVE is the acronym of Active Tools In Various Environments and provides flexible, versatile educational tools to be used by exchange participants and youth workers during, before and after the exchange programme to explore reality with the glasses of citizens and potential actors of change.


But what are these tools?

On this website www.AFSactivecitizens.org you will find videos with testimonials of AFS active citizens as well as a video and a manual of activities for volunteers on how to link Active Citizenship to exchange programme orientations!

We are now in the piloting phase of the video and manual of activities for volunteers.

There will be a twitter wall where we will collect all the tweets #AFSactivecitizens sharing actions of responsible citizenship all around the world.

Annually EFIL will host webinars addressing grassroot volunteers and staff on the link between AFS & Active Citizenship.

Intercultural Dialogue Day 2015 on 24th September will be on the topic of Active Global Citizenship and make use of this project’s hashtags!


And who is doing all of this?

A great project team!

Maria Fanlo from AFS Spain

Joshua Fitoussi from AFS France

Hilal Gercek from AFS Turkey

Marin Bjort Valtysdottir from AFS Iceland

Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro from AFS Portugal

Elisa Briga from EFIL